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If you are interested in purchasing prints, would like more information or a quote on a project, please e-mail lisa@lisapettitdesigns.com


Kim Groff-Harrington (home, garden and yard art created from recycled materials)

LUMA FUSED GLASS (creative fused glasswork by Michelle Fokos) 206.261.2444

Michelle Meyer (paintings and block prints) & Gardening GaGa!

Crisha Yantis and Bart Lynch (ceramic and 2D artwork)

Elsa Bluethner (oil and pastel paintings)

Kristin Loffer Theiss (maker of peculiar objects with personality)

Barbara Dunshee Pottery (beautiful pottery)

Diane Macrae (original handbags, purses and t-shirts)

Liz Gamberg (ceramics and rugs)

Christa Hope (stylish jewelry)

Leigh Jackson (contemporary dog portraits)

Matt Calcavecchia (Seattle artist)

Amanda Knowles (Seattle artist)

Heidi Wastweet (sculptor and photographer)

One Heart Studio (beautiful lettered gifts)









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